What is a Balloon-o-Band?

The Balloon-O-Band--is a nylon wristband with a metal "d" ring attached to the outside of the band where the balloon ribbon is attached.  It has velcro at the ends for various size adjustments and is easy to put on and take off.

  • When visiting an amusement park and a child wants a balloon, usually the parent ties the ribbon around the child's wrist, and it's either too loose where it flies away or too tight where it can cut off the child's circulation-the Balloon-O-Band eliminates this challenge. 
  • When a child wants a balloon at the amusement park and wants to go on a ride, take the balloon off their wrist, and after the ride put the balloon back on, the Balloon-O-Band allows them to do that.
  • If a child wants to take off the wristband with the balloon, there is no worry about the balloon(s) attached to the wristband flying away, as this Balloon-O-Band serves as a weight as well.

Why did you invent it? Kids wanting to take their balloons on and off between rides  I also got tired of listening to crying kids loosing their balloons at the theme parks and kids shows and watching parents money go right in the air!  The balloons ribbon are tied in knots around their wrists either too loose where they would fly away or too tight where I had seen marks of the ribbon cutting off the kids circulation!

Has it changed your life? I see buying a balloon at an amusement park or kids show more relaxed, knowing that my daughter can take it on and off as she pleases and I don't have to worry about my $8 character balloon I just bought hitting the top of Nassau Coliseum or Madison Square Garden anymore!  I want that for every parent that buys those balloons-- soon enough!